We will send a plumber to your Ringwood home

Have you been rethinking your old plumber? Unfortunately, there is no shortage of average plumber Ringwood. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with incompetence any longer. NLK Plumbing is the leading name in residential and commercial plumbing in this area and surrounding suburbs. You have got nothing to lose by trying out our team the next time you require plumbing work, large or small. We are confident that you will be quick to join our long list of satisfied customers and become a long term client.

Got an emergency, call NLK Plumbing

Don’t fret in an emergency when you have access to our incredible emergency plumber team in Ringwood. All that you have to do is pick up the phone and make the call, and from there we will take the lead and work our magic. While this may be an emergency for you, our team deals with these situations on a daily basis. In our fifteen years of business, we can guarantee that we have seen it all before. So if your kitchen is flooded or your toilet is overflowing, give us a call and you are one step closer to having the problem sorted.

Let us fix your blocked drains

The blocked drains professionals in Ringwood will solve the problem in no time. Often blocked drains are viewed as a minor issue. Our experienced plumbers have worked on enough jobs to know that if left unattended, blocked drains can cause some very real problems. You may think that you can deal with a bit of an odour or that weird gurgling sound, but before long blocked drains cause flooding that can cause irreparable water damage to your walls, floorboards and possessions. When caught early, blockages are usually quite straight forward to dislodge and fix. Our plumbers can even give your drains a general clean out to prevent things from catching and building up in the future.

Perhaps it is your hotwater system that is giving your grief

Again, NLK Plumbing is on it. We recruit expert hotwater plumber professionals in Ringwood to join our team. This means that we will always have someone on hand to send to your door that is not only a qualified and experienced general plumber, but also specializes in your particular problem. What’s more, having a general knowledge means that we will be able to spot any other plumbing issues before you do. Sometimes a single problem, such as tree roots, can cause several plumbing issues around the home. Our versatile plumbers will see the bigger picture and find the most appropriate solution for you.

NLK Plumbing is dedicated to providing exceptional plumbing repairs, maintenance and fittings for our clients. Our superior workmanship comes along with a smile and plenty of information and advice relevant to you. We will work around your individual constraints, whether they be your budget, strict deadlines or after hours service to fit around your work. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0404 803 333 or Contact NLK Eastern Plumber to enquire about our services.

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